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Prism Hotels: Area Director of Marketing

Overseeing the Westin and Sheraton Stonebriar Hotel's marketing and digital presence, Rose learned the Marriott systems while planning, implementing and evaluating of all marketing activities including market positioning, promotions, advertising, digital media and public relations. She not only created a new on-site SEO strategy for both properties, but also oversaw and optimized digital marketing campaigns for and various OTAs. The Westin Stonebriar being a unique property, was at the time undergoing a $30M renovation, making it the only resort in North Dallas. Rose managed the re-branding process as well as worked with local media channels to build relationships and awareness of the brand. 


Hilton: Destination Marketing Manager

Rose's role on the Destination Marketing Team is versatile.  She aids in developing and executing regional digital marketing strategies for Austin, New Orleans, and San Antonio.  She does this by building in-market relationships and partnerships in line with business goals, driving traffic and reach through a content plan in which she develops; leverages destination assets and relationships to support group business; and handles business KPIs in support of commercial performance.  Her creative thinking has been a driving force in campaign building, content and creative development, as well as developing relations and managing local partners. 

Concept Surfaces

Concept Surfaces: Digital Analytics Manager, Agency Side

Rose has assisted in developing and implementing digital marketing and print strategies to attract customers to the company website, increase online presence and promote online products or services. She has also analyzed online statistics and identified areas to optimize online marketing performance. She has developed SEM, influential marketing (working with blogs like Design Milk), re-targeting, and social media tactics to increase brand awareness and increase B2B sales. This work was directly done from a marketing agency to client relationship. 

Eisenberg And Associates

Eisenberg And Associates: Digital Manager

Rose managed and directed the integration of digital marketing analytics into the decision-making processes in Marketing. This includes developing, implementing, and evolving digital marketing analytics and strategy that focuses on discovering key insights for online improvements.  She not only dives into the analytical data, and develops digital strategy, but she also implements the campaigns for major clients (including Freeport McMoRan, Concept Surfaces, Atlas Metal, LoveJoy ISD and more).  

Hilton Worldwide

Hilton Worldwide: eCommerce Manager

At Hilton Worldwide, Rosemin managed the eCommerce efforts for Hilton’s New York market where she partnered with the internal marketing teams  to help execute campaigns, and increase market share.  As a dedicated digital marketing expert and analytical strategist, she worked with each hotel branch within her portfolio to ensure proper efforts were in place in order to increase hotel bookings.  

SMU Cape

Marketing Strategist, Agency Side

Rosemin worked though enilon( a creative and marketing agency) to create multiple personas and journey maps to pinpoint the exact audience and their thought process before becoming a student within SMU’s Continued Education Program.  She also strategized brand awareness campaign, email and digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, and SEM/PPC campaigns for a portfolio of certification programs.  

Bell Helicopter

Marketing Strategist, Agency Side

Rosemin was tasked to enter a whole new industry in terms of research and digital marketing development on her first day of the agency life at enilon. She performed research to identify the information that people are searching for online as it relates to the purchase of helicopters and married that information with the information gained during the stakeholder interviews, and the business goals set forth, to determine overall content strategy. Based on the outlined strategy, Rose and her supervisor identified personas and specific content focuses on each level of the journey these individuals would go through before deciding to buy a Bell Helicopter. With the topics identified, she developed quantities, sequences and timing recommendations for drip communication.  

Texas Health

Marketing Strategist, Agency Side

For Texas Health Resources, Rose established a lead generation marketing strategy for Primary Healthcare as well as Labor and Delivery divisions. She outlined a marketing strategy to include PPC ads, landing pages, re-targeting ads, and e-mail drip campaigns that lead users down a content funnel in hopes of them converting to becoming patients. Multiple topics were covered within these campaigns such as Stress, Flu, Importance of a Primary care Physician, Allergies, and Content pertaining to Soon-to-be Mothers. 

Everything from the overall strategy to content strategy in each portion of the process was developed by Rose and executed by her team. 

Monthly Analytical reports were also created for the THR/ THPG team to review and evaluate the campaign's results. 


enilon- Senior Digital Strategist

As a Senior Digital Strategist at enilon,  Rose worked to identify unmet goals of  multiple companies and organizations by unraveling analytics, and developing a strategy to meet unmet goals/ opportunities. After creating personas, journey maps, and 360- marketing solutions, Rosemin oversaw all execution and reported monthly on analytics and tips for optimization. She worked cross-functionally among multiple teams and departments to evolve ideas and bring together brand goals. 

Rose also developed the Content Marketing department at enilon, overseeing SEO efforts, content development, social media marketing and managed contractors.

Working on everything from lead generation campaigns, to loyalty marketing and increasing site visits/ purchases, Rosemin worked with multiple brands including Texas Health Resources, Bell Helicopters, Perma-Pier, SMU and more. 

Platforms used: Google Adwords, Google Analytics, all Social media platforms, Wordpress, Basecamp and more.

Shany Cosmetics

SHANY- Digital Marketing Manager

SHANY is a start-up eCommerce Cosmetics company that sells worldwide on several platforms including, Amazon, eBay, Wish, Walmart, and much more.  

As the Digital Marketing Manager at SHANY, Rosemin managed all Digital Marketing campaigns, including ones executed internally, with SHANY's partnered agency and 3rd party websites. Her skillset ranged across e-mail marketing, led generation, banner ads, retargeting, content marketing, social media marketing, influential marketing, affiliate marketing and much more. 

Platforms used: Leftronic, Salesforce, All Social Media Platforms, Affiliate Marketing platforms, Mailchimp, Hootsuite

Hearst Media Services

Hearst Media Services- Digital Marketing Consultant

Hearst Media Services is a subsidiary of Hearst Corporation (one of America's largest media/ services company; owning brands such as Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Car and Driver, the Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, in addition to ownership in cable networks such as A&E, Lifetime and ESPN.  

At Hearst Media, Rosemin worked with small to medium-sized businesses in the Houston Metropolitan area to determine Business and Marketing tactics increase profitability for said businesses. She researched their specific companies/ industries, looked into where their business currently stood and established a strategy to help them achieve their goals. As a Digital Marketing Consultant, she worked primarily in the online- sector but also communicated cross-functionally with other Hearst-owned companies.

Platforms used: Salesforce, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Social Media Platforms, Go Daddy, and more